The Tracks

The Nismorons are all based in Texas.  The 4 drivers live in Houston, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.  The car lives in Houston also.  Therefore, we primarily run at the Texas tracks.
The granddaddy of the Texas tracks.  It opened in 1969 as a 2-mile, high-banked oval, still the only superspeedway in the Southwest.  Mario Andretti set a speed record of nearly 215 mph in 1972 while qualifying for an Indy car race.  A road course was incorporated into the track, with the most popular configuration being 2.9 miles with 15 corners.  TWS is a big, fast, wide, open track with plenty of runoff room.  It is many people's favorite track in the southern U.S.
Harris HIll Road is a very nice track situated a little north and east of San Marcos, TX.  It is a private, membership track, but hosts many public events.  HHR is a very fun track.  It is not as big and fast as TWS, but it has a lot of tricky corners, elevation changes, and the occasional blind corner.  It is 1.8 miles long with 11 corners.
Eagles Canyon is a new track near Denton, TX.  It is 2.5 miles long with 11 turns.  ECR is a fast, challenging track.  Our first venture there in 2012 resulted in melted brakes.  We look forward to a return in 2014 to redeem ourselves.
 Daytona International Speedway is the home of "The Great American Race" - the DAYTONA 500. Though the season-opening NASCAR Sprint Cup event garners most of the attention - as well as the largest audience in motorsports - the enormous 480-acre motorsports complex boasts the most diverse schedule of racing on the globe, thus earning it the title of "World Center of Racing." In addition to eight major weekends of racing activity, rarely a week goes by that the Speedway grounds are not used for events that include civic and social gatherings, car shows, photo shoots, production vehicle testing and police motorcycle training.

The sportscar road course is 3.56 miles in length.  We raced here in 2013, and learned some important things about racing on a superspeedway.  We look forward to a return in 2015.

MSR Houston is a private, member-supported facility.  The track is 2.38 miles with 17 turns.  We did our first race at this track in 2014, at the inaugural World Racing Leage Event.