Race 19: Texas Motor Speedway

This race was a little different.  Instead of using the oval plus the infield, we only ran on the infield.  And it was a Friday night and Saturday morning.  The odd schedule was due to sharing the track with the Ultimate Streetcar Challenge.

Friday's race start was delayed due to a problem with the timing loop.  They had to lay a new loop, which meant cutting a new groove across the track.  It was an unfortunate delay, but the track officials and ChumpCar did their best.  We ended up running just a 4 hour race.

The Friday race went great for us.  Tobey and John did the driving.  Running just the short infield track (<1 mile) sounds mediocre, but it was actually a lot of fun.  It helped that our car was running great, handling excellent, and perfectly matched to the track.  Tobey quickly jumped out to first place, and turned the lead over to John.  John kept up the great pace, and we ended up winning by 3 laps.  OUR FIRST EVER VICTORY!

Saturday started out great also.  Due to ChumpCar rules, the victory meant we started with a 4 lap penalty.  Halfway through the race, we had made up the penalty, and were on pace to take the lead back over an hour or so before the end of the race.  But fate frowned on us.  With a little over 2 hours left, the throttle cable broke.  A very random failure, especially considering that the cable was brand new.

The team made a heroic effort to fix it, and we got back out on track after a 20-minute repair.  John was flying, making up ground, and it still looked like we had a real chance at a top-3 finish, and maybe even a victory, if things fell in our favor.  But it was not to be.  The repair failed.  John coasted back to the pits, and we fixed it again, but any chance at a trophy was now gone.  But we still managed a 5th place finish.  Not too bad, considering our troubles.