Race 13: WRL at TWS

It was our 13th race weekend.  It was Friday the 13th.  It was also a full moon.  How could we expect anything to go right?

In Friday practice, we destroyed a rod bearing on our good motor.  3300 miles of racing is not bad, but we expected better.

So at the track on Friday night, we swapped in our spare motor and got it running.  And took the green flag on Saturday.  Except the spare motor had less get-up-and-go than Roseanne after an afternoon at the Golden Corral.  It was making just enough power to guarantee us a last place finish.  It was barely going fast enough to be safe.  So we packed it up and called it an early weekend on Saturday morning.

A rebuilt motor is in-hand, ready to go in.  Hopefully, race weekend #14 will go better.

Here's that rod bearing.  That big missing chunk is in the oil pan, in the form of several hundred little metal pieces.