• First, user error meant the camera recorded no sound.  So I found some generic music for background music.
  • Second, another user error meant we only got the first 2 hours on Sunday.  But we did get all of Saturday.
  • In recognition that my YouTube attention span is barely more than 5 minutes, I broke the videos for each driver into 2 parts.  For these videos, I concentrated on finding good battles instead of just chronicling every pass in the race.  And of course, the spins and other mayhem.
  • For all the videos, go full-screen, high def.  The picture is better, and you can see what's in the mirror.

Tobey, Saturday Part 1

Tobey Saturday Part 2


Clark, Saturday Part 1

Clark, Saturday Part 2

Thomas Saturday, Part 1

Thomas Saturday, Part 2

John Saturday, Part 1

John Saturday, Part 2

Thomas on Sunday