The Team

The Name
Nismo (abbreviated from Nissan Motorsport International Limited) is the motorsports and performance division of Nissan Motor Company.  Formed in 1984 as a result of a merger of two motorsport departments, Nismo cars have participated in JSPC, Formula Nippon, JTCC, 24 Hours of Le Mans and 24 Hours of Daytona.  They currently participate in the Super GT and FIA GT Championship.
NisMorons is an abbreviation of our car brand and the approximate mental faculty required to begin this racing venture.  It should be obvious that we have no affiliation with Nismo.
You can't go endurance racing without a team.  Pit stops, fueling, tire changes, strategy, and 7-hour to 25-hour races means you need some help.

Team Captain:  Tobey

If the wives of the other members need to blame someone, blame this guy.  It was mostly his idea.  Tobey raced SCCA for a few years, did track days for a while, then got the racing bug again.

Partner in Crime:  John
Tobey didn't have to twist John's arm very hard to get him on board.  John has been part of SCCA most of his life, and has raced quite a bit.  He put it on hold for a few years while his family grew, but now he's back in business.
Always In, If It Involves Speed:  Clark
Clark used to race motorcycles and dirt cars.  Lately, he's been managing his son's quarter midget effort.  Once the team got rolling, Clark jumped on board.  He's always up for some fossil-fuel powered fun.
The Quiet One:  Thomas
By all appearances, Thomas is a fairly normal guy.  Family man, hard worker, etc.  But he's also a member of Harris Hill Road, has thousands of track miles on his Mata, tried some time trial stuff, and decided it was time to try wheel to wheel racing.
Crew Chief:  Art
Way back in the early '70's, Art was the crew chief of a very successful SCCA race team.  But he decided he should go legit, get a real job, and quit playing with race cars.  He finally came to his senses, and has been a tremendous help to the team.
Crew Member:  Patrick
Patrick's looking for a retirement gig.  So we tossed him a wrench.  Maybe it's time to tell him that we can't pay anything....

Crew Member:  Mark
Thomas' dad, Mark, is at most of the races, helping wherever we need it.  But he's working on his own car to join the fun, so we'll have to recruit a new member soon.

Crew Member:  Robert
Tobey's dad is quiet, but attends most of the races and lends a helping hand.  And he did almost all the paint and body work when we redid the color scheme on the car.