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It's been a while since the last update.  Sorry about that; we'll refund your subscription fees. :)
In the last year, we've had some ups and downs.  We finally won our first race!  We also had some more failures.  But 2016 started off with a great race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin.  And we're returning to Daytona in April.  Updated reports, pictures, and videos coming soon.

2014 Schedule
March 22-23: MSR Houston w/ the World Racing League, 8+8 [3rd and 2nd]
June 14-15:  WRL at TWS [DNF]
June 28-29:  TWS, 12+6 [DNF]
September 5-9:  Bonneville (yes, that Bonneville) - [withdrew due to motor damage]
September 27-28:  Texas Motor Speedway, 8+8 [event canceled]
October 18-19:  WRL at Hallett, 8+8
November 15-16:  Eagle Canyon Raceway, 12-hour portion
December 13-14:  WRL at TWS, 9+7

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